Breathe Album

Label:CRS Music & Media Ltd
Released Date:12/16/2016

“What started out as a simple wish to minister and evangelise through our music evolved into a two-year spiritually-led adventure filled with love, laughter and tears.  In the making of this album we have grown closer together as a choir family, shared mutual pain with the passing of our dear friend Denis, and we have deepened our faith and trust in God our Father.  At the end of this journey we present a collection of music for praise, worship and prayer.”

Dedicated to the memory of Denis Del Castilho… Brilliant musician, Loving friend, Faithful servant


Track Listing


Above All

His Strength is Perfect

Ave Maria (Bach-Gounard)

I Know Who I Am

As I Kneel

Fragrance Prayer

Hail Mary/Gentle Woman

Here I Am Lord (Instrumental)

Santo, Santo, Santo

Ave Maria (Schubert)


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