About Us

Color is a group of musicians and singers with a strong desire to use God given gifts in service to God. The group was first formed as the choir at Our Lady of the Rosary Roman Catholic Church,  a tiny church, nestled in in the lush countryside of St. John, Barbados. Over time, the group has become synonymous with a distinctive musical style- contemporary yet folksy with harmonic vocals. 

The group came together in its current form for a faith-affirming two-day concert, ‘In Christ Alone’, which was held in 2012. The concert was a reflection on the life of Jesus, and combined scripture readings and music to tell the story from birth to resurrection.  This was the start of an evolution from church choir to global outreach via music to spread the word of God.

Color released its first album for sale, Breathe, in 2016. The album is a mix of well-known traditional and contemporary hymns. Subsequently, members of the group began composing and recording original music.

Over the years Color has released new music in a number of genres: musical settings for psalms, music for singing the Rosary, traditional prayer, traditional hymns, and new song compositions.

Through the years the group has grown into a special family – an extended support network, sharing tears and laughter. With busy families and lives, time spent in music ministry has become a devotion, deepening individual relationships with God through music.

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